Ryan Sims is a musician whose incredible self-taught musicianship is evident in his performance; both as a solo artist, or with the energetic Ryan Sims Band. As a founder of the immensely popular Arizona band EastonAshe, Ryan’s stylistic evolution has since landed him smack dab into the arms of country music. Although country is his home, his shows include all types of music, enriched by Ryan’s award winning vocals and warm and friendly performance style. His self-titled debut album is available on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora!

Ryan is on the verge of another release, the EP entitled “My Side Of The Story”, is scheduled for public consumption on Nov. 17th 2017 on High 4 Recordings. The Single “Get Away” already being played on radio and the video not far behind.

The Fairmounts


Writing a bio is stupid. Most people don’t care how a band is formed. People just want to know the important things like, “Where can I see the band live, and where can I download their music for free?”. However, there may be that odd person out there (maybe you?!) who’s interested in knowing the Fairmounts’ background. Visit our site:

Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide


Hailing from Sault Ste Marie Canada, Dustin Jones (Vocals, Guitar), Mikey Hawdon (Drums), and brothers Sheldon (Fiddle) and Marshall Jaaskelainen (Upright Bass) make up this self-proclaimed “Drunkabilly” band. The brothers, both from the popular country band The Wild Turkeys, bring a unique Celtic Country musical style, along with vocal styles reminiscent of The Beach Boys, to Dustin’s unforgettable raunchy Punk Rock singing and songwriting prowess.

Diana Salvatore


If Al Capone and Marilyn Monroe had a lovechild, it would be Diana Salvatore. Diana’s sound and style could be described as “Mafiosa Motown”. Watching her perform, one could easily imagine Ms. Salvatore entertaining the rat pack at the Cal/Neva Lodge.

Don’t be fooled by her cherubic blond locks and angelic face… Diana Salvatore, like Al Capone, was born to be bad.

Crush Luther


Formed in Toronto in 2002 Crush Luther’s musical landscape comprises a bit of Rickie Lee Jones, a dash of Lyle Lovett and a pinch of slick pop sensibility.



Cauterize first rocked their way out of Oshawa, Ontario, in 2003. Led by vocalist/guitarist Jesse Smith, the group of lifelong pals also included guitarists Josh Slater & Chuck Coles, bassist Jason Bone, and drummer Matt Worobec.